Ruby Petunia Designs Patterns

Ruby Petunia Designs are easy to make bag patterns in styles ranging from the classic hobo bag to a crazy quilt pattern bag and a convertible backpack that changes to a shoulder bag! To see more information and photos about each bag , visit our Ruby Petunia Info page!

Ruby Goes Crazy is now available in PDF format at!

Ruby Goes Crazy Pattern
Ruby Goes Crazy Bag - More Info - Now available in PDF!
Ruby On The Go Pattern
Ruby On The Go - More Info
Ruby's City Sling Bag Pattern
Ruby's City Sling Bag - More Info
Ruby's Easy Back Sack Pattern
Ruby's Easy Back Sack - More Info
Ruby's Easy Weave Bag Pattern
Ruby's Easy Weave Bag - More Info
Ruby's Quilted Zipper Bag Pattern
Ruby's Quilted Zipper Bag - More Info
Ruby's Shisha Bag Pattern
Ruby's Shisha Bag - More Info
Ruby's Strip Design Bag Pattern
Ruby's Strip Design Bag - More Info
Ruby's Switcheroo Backpack/Shoulder Bag Pattern
Ruby's Switcheroo Backpack/Shoulder Bag - More Info

Purchase patterns from Ruby Petunia and other independent bag designers at! If you prefer, we now have handbag patterns in downloadable format at!

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