Ruby Petunia Designs Patterns

Ruby Petunia Designs began with designer Laurie Gunn in 2002 and was purchased by Henrietta's Handbags ( in 2011.
I had made several of the Ruby Petunia designs and was very pleased with the patterns so, when this designer line became available, we decided to purchase this pattern designer's stock and copyright.
I grew up with a mother who sewed extensively and loved to go fabic and pattern shopping with her when I was a child. The colors and textures of the fabric captured my imagination and inspired me to make my own clothes.
My first love, however, was not clothes but handbags and my mother began to make purses for both myself and my friends. The uniqueness of each bag, along with the ability to pick my own color combination hooked me from an early age and has continued to the present day.
I hope you enjoy your experience with making your own patterns and I wish you a happy sewing experience!

Ruby Goes Crazy is now available in PDF format at!

Purchase patterns from Ruby Petunia and other independent bag designers at! If you prefer, we now have handbag patterns in downloadable format at!

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